Sunday, June 15, 2014

Adidas Argentina Football Jersey

This is the Argentina soccer jersey for the Brazil World Cup 2014.  It was first unveiled on November 15th 2013 during a friendly against Ecuador.  The jersey was made by Adidas and was manufactured in Thailand.  It uses ClimaCool polyester material, which keeps you dry and cool when you start to sweat.  The jersey also utilizes mesh material on the back shoulders to keep you ventilated.
Overall the jersey is beautifully designed, with the return of old favorites like black Adidas stripes on the top shoulders, narrow white and light blue stripes on the front and back, and individually stitched gold stars above the AFA crest.  Other design aspects that accentuate the beauty of this jersey are gold trimming of the sides, sublimation-print within the blue stripes that fade from light to dark blue, and an embroidered Adidas logo and AFA crest.
My only complaint about this jersey is the use of mesh material on the back shoulders.  This placement is bound to cause problems over time because mesh fabric isn’t as strong as having a solid piece of polyester.  I also don’t like that Adidas placed a screen printed Argentina logo on the mesh either.  With heavy use over time, this will also become fragile and crack.  While the jersey isn’t perfect, I still recommend it because it looks amazing when you wear it.

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