Monday, September 29, 2014

New Era Blue Jays Mini Cap

A few weeks ago I was on twitter when I noticed that New Era had sent out a tweet asking people to follow New Era Canada on twitter.  The best part was that they would also enter people who joined into a contest to win a fitted mini cap.  I joined to follow New Era Canada regardless of the contest because I am a fan, but I also wished I could win that mini cap.  I had wanted one of these mini caps for years but I was never able to find a Blue Jays version.  Thankfully, I was one of the lucky contest winners.
What makes these mini fitted caps so special is that they’re exactly like the regular on-field versions that New Era makes, only smaller (size 4 ¼).  Even the logo embroidery has the same quality, which is impressive.  New Era even added their famous 59fifty sticker on the brim, which I find extremely cute.  Thank you once again New Era Canada; @NewEraCanada.
Brand: New Era
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Style: 59Fifty, Fitted, MLB Mini AC Cap
Additional: Made in China, 100% Polyester, 4 ¼ Fitted

New Era Canada:

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