Friday, September 19, 2014

Removing a Baseball Hat Sticker

Here’s a topic that isn’t really relevant anymore, whether to remove a sticker from a baseball hat or leave it on?  The practice of leaving the sticker on became popular in the early 2000’s when multiple fake fitted hats started showing up, and the sticker could be used as a check of authenticity.  Eventually the demand for fake hats died down, and the style of leaving the sticker on petered out.  Today most people that collect hats prefer to remove the sticker when they wear their hats.
I also fell victim to the ‘leaving the sticker on’ trend.  Unfortunately this resulted in an unpleasant looking faded spot when the sticker was removed or fell off.  Since that time I always remove the sticker.  If the sticker is nice, I like to place it in a sticker album.  Once you get used to removing the sticker you will find that the hat looks cleaner and you won’t have to worry about faded spots in the future.

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