Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GTA San Andreas: Learning to Fly

I finally beat the “leaning to fly” missions in GTA San Andreas.  This literally was a nightmare for me because I suck at flying games.  I started San Andreas earlier this year and thought I would beat it in a few weeks, but when I came to these missions I hit a brick wall.  I looked online for a cheat, but didn’t find any.  I looked for walkthrough strategies as well, but they seemed too complicated for me, so I gave up.  The only advice I took was to leave the game for a while and then come back later and try the missions again.  This had worked for another person in a forum, so I figured I’d do the same.

Sure enough, 4 months later I decided it was time to go back and try my luck.  Well luck was on my side because this advice actually worked for me.  I think it’s because I came back fresh and regenerated so that my reflexes were on-point and accurate.  I was so excited to beat these missions because I felt that if I didn’t I would give up on the GTA franchise and never play a game again.  Games aren`t fun when you suck at them.

So now I wanted to share some advice and write a walkthrough for anyone needing help in these missions.  I present to you my GTA San Andreas: Learning to Fly Walkthrough.  First off, if you are getting frustrated by these missions I would suggest taking some time off from the game.  When you come back, you should be relaxed and calm.  As you start to fly, you should ignore the missions and focus on actually learning to control your plane.  This means you will have to learn to use all the buttons on the controller that are necessary in flying.  I first made the mistake of just relying on the analog stick and X button, and would always crash.  Instead try to use the X button minimally, the analog stick for only sharp turns, and instead rely on the L2 R2 buttons to make your turns.  This will be necessary in circling the airstrip, the part I had the worse time in.  The key is to not worry about the time at first and instead focus on learning the course and how to glide your plan.  Make slight movements, and take it slow.  Eventually you`ll get the hang of it, and will have to also beat the clock in order to pass the mission.

The next missions in learning to fly were also difficult, but weren`t as tough for me as circling and landing.  The `destroy targets` mission would have to be the next toughest mission, but since I was on a role, it only took a few tries (about 20 times lol) to finally beat.  The secret there is to speed up, and fire rockets all the time.  In case you are having issues with the other missions I have also added a link to my favorite website for GTA San Andreas walkthroughs.

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