Saturday, August 4, 2012

Total Recall

I did not want to go watch this movie, but because all my friends wanted to go I went.  I thought this movie was dumb since I first heard about it last year, when they were filming it here in Toronto.  Back then I thought, maybe it will be a totally different story line with the company Rekall being the only connection between the two.  But alas it wasn’t, in fact it was the same movie, except with different actors.  While I do understand that both movies were based off of Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”, I still would have preferred a different story.  The first adaptation with Schwarzenegger was perfect and didn’t need to be redone.  

The concept of Rekall is very cool, a company that can make any dream feel as if it really happened.  If this movie had been based off of that and then a new story was created, it would have been more entertaining, and could have spawned numerous other sequels to it.  There were some parts of the movie that I did like such as the graphics (Oscar worthy), sexy Jessica Biel and Kate (I always show my underwear in movies) Beckinsale, and the army of robots.  Now that would have been cool if the movie was about Colin Farrell battling robots in the future (kind of like “I, Robot”).  There’s no way I would ever recommend anyone watch this movie, and for those that do I would recommend you visit Rekall to have your memory erased and just keep the Jessica Biel memories.

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