Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Moves Out

Title: Paul Moves Out
Writer: Michel Rabagliati
Artwork: Michel Rabagliati
Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly
For me there is an allure towards Canadian graphic novels.  There’s something in seeing and reading about content that only growing up in Canada you would know about, that I find alluring.  Seeing Toronto, or Queen Street, or Montreal in a book is so comforting.  I also like seeing brands like Tim Hortons, Molson, or Humpty Dumpty chips.  There’s this sense of sharing a common voice when you read a book that features those things.  So whenever I spot a book in the library that was made in Canada, I pick it up to read.  Paul Moves Out has exactly all the Canadian content that I like in a book.
The book is about a young man named Paul from Montreal who meets a girl named Lucie.  Eventually they develop a relationship and move in together.  That’s basically the story of the book, however it’s the small things that I find appealing in this book.  Not all relationships are as suspenseful as they show in Hollywood movies.  Most of the time, romance is as simple as staying home at night and sharing a wonderful dinner together.  This is what Paul Moves Out is all about, finding romance in the most basic parts of a relationship.  Once you find that special person in your life, the most meaningful parts will be how wonderful it was to have shared those moments together.
Drawn and Quarterly:

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