Friday, August 24, 2012

Street Fighter IV NECA Action Figures

There aren’t that many fighting games that I like, but I do love Street Fighter.  It’s one of those iconic games that everyone played.  Back in grade school during lunch I would go with my friends to the local arcade and play some Street Fighter.  I would mostly use Ryu because I loved all his attacks, especially his Hadouken.  I really sucked and would lose a lot, but I just enjoyed hanging out with my friends and watching all the cool battles between them.
In 2009, NECA released their line of Street Fighter action figures based off of the popular video game Street Fighter IV.  I was excited for this toy series and bought the amazing fighting duo of Ryu and Ken.  The toys released in many places such as Toys R Us, but I bought mine from a local comic shop for around $20 each.  They come packaged in a clamshell so it’s easy to see the complete figure, allowing mint in box collectors the chance to display them proudly.  The art on the packaging is also nice, and even includes a character description.  Like, did you know, Ken hates spiders? LOL.
The figures are very impressive, they come with 35 points of articulation and an extra pair of hands, allowing collectors to display them in various poses.  The style the action figures take are from the video game by incorporating a watercolour effect.  Though the only drawback to this watercolour effect is that paint does run-over, so finding a flawless figure can take a few tries.  Other than that these figures are amazing and NECA did an excellent job with this line.

Street Fighter:

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