Saturday, January 26, 2013

Air Jordan V "Fire Red" 2012

I didn't think I would buy another Jordan again, but these were so easy to get I couldn't pass on them.  I just walked into the store and asked for my size and they brought them out.  I guess my luck was based on the aftermath of the Christmas holiday and how broke that left people.  Sneaker collecting is seriously getting crazy with how many different shoes are releasing.  I know when I first started officially collecting, I wanted to buy as many sneakers as possible.  But back then all I cared about was Air Jordan retro’s.  Over time I did grow my collection to include other sneakers, but it was never as crazy as it is now. 
Today there are at least 15 pairs of sneakers a month that I really want.  Obliviously not having the money to buy them is what’s stopping me from getting them.  But at the same time, the need to buy them all has also subsided.  This has been the result of not investing too much time on sneaker websites to find out about the latest releases, and also being a little jaded with seeing the same thing being retroed over and over again.  It’s like once you own the sneaker you have been wanting for years, and then you see it be retroed again in 2-4 years that excitement to get it isn’t there anymore.  So for me, it’s more of a case where I have all the sneakers I wanted as a kid, and I’m happy with what I have and don’t need to look elsewhere.
From this point on if I do get a pair of Air Jordan’s it’s going to be a pair that I don’t already have.  The Air Jordan V white/fire red/black colorway has been a sneaker I have wanted for years, but had passed up on previously because I didn’t like the versions that had released (23 on the side, or patent leather.. gross).  These are probably my favorite Air Jordan's of all time because of how much I wanted them as a kid.  In my opinion the 2013 retro is made pretty well, I really like the quality of leather, and how it was stitched together.  Overall I’m satisfied with this release because it was easy to get, besides the Jumpman on the back it was true to the original, and because the quality was better than previous Jordan Brand retros.
The Air Jordan V fire red 2013 retro was released on January 26th, 2013.  They feature a reflective 3M tongue, a P51 mustang fighter jet shark teeth design on the mid-sole, clear soles (the 2013 featuring a blue tint), and red lace locks. The colors used on these V’s are white, fire red and black, they also came packaged in a retro box.  My pair are deadstock, are a size 10.5, and the style number is 136027-100. 
Air Jordan:

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