Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Radioactive Man

Title: Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository Volume One
Author: Matt Groening
Publisher: Harper Design
Despite being a Simpsons fan I have never really consistently read any of the Bongo comic books.  In the past I had only read the Free Comic Book Day versions and the occasional comics my friends would lend me.  Keep in mind the first time I read it was back in high school in the 90’s and I laughed at my friend for being too old for comics.  Back then I would have laughed at anyone that collected comics, toys, sneakers, and liked to write.  It goes to show you, you never know what you’ll like in the future.  Anyway, over time as I would read the occasional Simpsons comic, the humour would be a hundred times better than in the real show (after the 2005’s).  Yet I still never picked a comic book up to read fully.
So as luck would have it one day I noticed that my library had a copy of Radioactive Man in a hard cover.  This version is perfect for anyone that is first a Radioactive Man fan, would like to know his story, or would like to read a boat load of stories collected in a easy to carry book.  Although the book is rather large, it’s better than having to carry over 30 comics at once, and the paper quality is really high grade.  As for the actual story, I would say I didn’t find it very entertaining.  Some stories were great, but the majority seemed like I was swimming through quicksand with how boring they were.  It felt like the writers were just writing stuff to fill up the pages, while others felt hurried and rushed in order to finish the story.  While the stories weren’t as enjoyable as I hoped they would be, I still recommend this book because it’s still better than the actual current show, lol.

Bongo Comics:

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