Friday, January 11, 2013

Nike SB Dunk Low Sequoia

The Nike SB Sequoia dunk low pro’s were released in December 2012.  The colors used on the dunks are sequoia green, metallic zinc, white and feature a gummy bottom sole.  The materials used are suede and tumbled leather and are part of the ‘from the future’ box.  They were made in Vietnam and its product code number is 304292-300.  My pair are deadstock, and are a size 10.5.
In a time when most SB’s are released with less emphasis on concepts, collaborations and nicknames it has become more difficult to get excited about a new release.  No one wants to admit that hype is what drives them to purchase sneakers, but without that hype many sneakers go unnoticed.  Yet this is what I have been seeing from the past couple of years as many SB dunks have been released without a nickname and have not sold well.  From a marketing stand point the head’s of Nike must have planed this with the intention of getting people to focus more on other varieties of SB’s (Koston, Janoski, Salazar, and P. Rod).  This has resulted in people buying even more sneakers than before.
I don’t have a problem with Nike being more creative in those other SB lines.  In fact I actually have been tempted to buy a few Koston’s and Janoski’s in the past.  But like most people, a light wallet is what holds me back from spending.  So my only alternative has been to stick with one sneaker line that I like.  I’m actually happy that I chose to stick with dunks because I think it’s a beautiful shoe that’s made with quality and is affordable when first released.   Despite all these reasons, the lack of hype for dunks has made me less interested in buying a pair.  In fact I have passed on many dunks that have had all the features that I usually like on a pair, simply because they didn’t have a nickname that made them popular.
It wasn’t until I saw pictures of the Nike SB Sequoia dunks that I thought, who cares about hype and popularity I really want a pair of those sneakers.  These shoes have everything I want from a sneaker, from a beautiful colorway to a gummy bottom.  Buying this pair also allowed me the chance to own the new box that has a slogan of “delivered from the future in a cardboard box.”  I would have preferred the red and white box, but I’m okay with this version because it still gives SB’s an exclusive box.  Other features I like about this sneaker is the metallic zinc color of the Swoosh.  The Swoosh and the sequoia green suede and leather reminds me of the colors used on a $20 bill.  I bought my pair online for less than retail which makes me reconsider my need for hype around a sneaker.  With hype, these sneakers would have been more difficult to attain and I would have had to pay a lot more for them.
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