Friday, January 18, 2013

Sneaker and Hat Cleaning Kit

When you become a collector, one of the first things you will notice is how dirty and banged up your collection can get as you use them.  While there are many people who don’t care, and will just buy another one as soon as it’s destroyed; there are others that want to get the most out of their collection.  Getting the most out of your collection will not only save you money, but will keep your collection looking pristine.  Besides if you’re going to devote your time and money to a collection, you might as well own something you can be proud of.  That’s kind of why I’ve always admired classic car collectors, because they like to keep their collection looking its best.
To keep my collection of sneakers and hats looking its best, I’ve developed a maintenance cleaning kit.  The kit was developed over time through a process of trial and error; between ruling out items that destroyed some of my sneakers and using items that actually worked to keep them clean.  I’m calling this a basic cleaning kit because it features many items that are easy to get from home, or that are sold in any apparel store.
1) Shoe Weather Protector: Before you start to wear any sneaker or hat it is important to spray them with shoe weather protector.  The brand I buy is from Tana, and I use the spray protector.  It helps to prevent water damage and resist stains.  You can also buy different brands at footlocker that work just as well.
2)  Suede and Nubuck Brush:  This brush is excellent for removing scratches from suede and nubuck leather sneakers.  The brand of brush I like to use is from Tana
3)  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:  A magic eraser is great for removing stains from leather and rubber soles.
4) Manicure Set: Try to get one that includes small scissors and nail cutters for cutting loose threads, and some tweezers for pulling out threads.
5) Super Glue:  Super glue is wonderful for gluing loose threads together, however use it very lightly to avoid clumps.
6) Painters Tape:  I use this kind of tape to pick lint from my hats. It is sticky enough to remove lint, and still not leave tape residue behind.  You can also use a lint roller.
7) Lint Fabric Shaver:  This product is wonderful for removing clumps of lint that build up around the tongue and ankle padding of sneakers.  The brand I use is from Remington shavers.
8)  Lighter:  Lighters are great for burning down or gluing together threads.  I also use it on lace ends to make a lace tip.
9) Paper Towels:  Before I store away sneakers I won’t use for a while, I like to clean them with a paper towel and water.  A towel works just as well or better.  Be sure to let them dry before you store them away.
10)  Goo gone:  This is a wonderful product for removing glue and gum from the rubber soles.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:
Goo Gone:

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