Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Dark Knight Returns SB Dunks
I love the classic Batman costume with the navy blue, cool grey, and hits of yellow and black.  So I decided to make a Dunk with those same colors and name it the Dark Knight Returns SB Dunks (named after one of my favorite paperbacks).  The materials will be similar to the Nike SB Jedi’s, in that it will be a mix of thick full grain leather and smooth suede.  I also made it a mid SB with yellow laces, so that the SB logo on the strap can match in yellow.

Jor-El SB Dunk
I was watching a show called Hollywood Treasure, which featured the costume Marlon Brando wore on Superman: The Movie.  I found out that his costume was made out of some kind of suede or silk material that would reflect light, and that inspired me to make the Jor-El SB Dunks.  I made them Hi Dunks, with a black swoosh, white mid-sole, and black sole.  The most important part of this sneaker would be a material similar to the Jor-El costume, but it would be suede and some kind of 3M reflective material kinda like the Jordan V green beans.

Soul Glo SB Dunks
You know I still remember the first time I heard about Coming to America.  I was going on vacation and in the airport lobby they had the movie poster.  It was a picture of Eddie Murphy standing like a giant in New York City.  The poster was so cool, I even took a picture beside it.  Last week they were showing it again on TV.  Watching it inspired me to come up with this sneaker.  It’s called the Soul Glo dunks, which feature full gain leather in a colorway similar to the Soul Glo commercial but with a black streak coming down the sides.

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