Friday, July 20, 2012

Nike SB Batman Mid Dunks

The Batman Mids were part of the gold box era, an era that many people disliked but that I loved.  At the time, Nike SB was releasing great sneakers, and there was always something to look forward to.  In 2008, the Batman SB’s were the shoes I wanted the most.  I wanted the shoes because I’m a Batman fan, and also because the colors used are very nice.  The colors on the sneakers resemble more of the Batman costumes used in the Justice League.
What makes these dunks extra special was that they were released as mids, which meant they came with a strap.  I love straps, to me it makes a sneaker extra special.  Another nice feature about the sneakers are the extra pair of yellow laces included.  When you add those, the sneaker looks even better, and I’m glad they were included.  My only complaint about the sneaker is that they can crease easily, but other than that the sneakers are beautiful.
The Nike SB Batman Mid dunk was released in 2008.  The colors used on the dunks are grey, black and yellow, and the materials are a mix of leather and suede.  They were made in China, the colors were designed by Shawn Baravetto, and its product code number is 314383003.  My pair are deadstock, and are a size 10.5.
Nike SB:

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