Sunday, July 15, 2012

Michael Jordan Olympic Jerseys

One of my favorite sports to watch for the Olympics is basketball.  This is because since 1992, the NBA has allowed active players to join the team.  This was a fantasy come true for many fans because it allowed the greatest players in the world and some of all time, to join a single team.  This definitely was a dream come true for the 1992 team.  The only other time I saw a team as great as this was with Los Gal√°cticos in Real Madrid during the mid 2000’s (although that team was terrible at winning).  The 1992 Dream Team however, was flawless and went beyond everyone’s expectations.
A few years ago Nike released a retro version of the Dream Team jerseys of many of the top players on the team.  I of course went for Michael Jordan’s jersey first, and was amazed at how much quality Nike put into these jerseys.  To begin with, they are made out of polyester, which I love because they tend to last longer because they are a tougher material.  Everything on this jersey is also stitched on, from the number #9 (that Jordan wore), to the name on the black, and even the tags on the bottom.  I also love how Nike even used gold thread on the jersey, especially in the Nike logo.
I bought the 1992 Dream Team jersey first, and then waited a few months to buy the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics jersey.  I was reading a book at the time called “Swoosh: the unauthorized story of Nike”, that mostly talked about how the Olympics was a big deal for Nike, and how Michael’s success in the 1984 Olympics helped Nike grow even bigger.  I felt a connection to this jersey when I saw it because I felt like this was the one that started it all (of course you could say that about a lot of his jerseys).  This jersey is also made with the same top quality that was used in the Nike Dream Team jersey, the only difference is that I bought the navy blue version.  These jerseys are my favorite jerseys in my collection because Nike did an excellent job on them, and I hope they keep doing jerseys like this in the future.

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