Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

What an incredible movie... not just a movie, but an experience.  I waited almost 2 years for this movie to come out, and it was worth the wait.  In fact about a year ago, when the first trailer released I made a promise not to watch anymore trailers or read anymore news about this movie because I wanted to be surprised when I finally saw it. This was a difficult task because there were times that I would watch a clip online and then turn away, and I would get goose bumps.  But today I finally saw the Dark Knight Rises; I waited until Sunday to watch it because that’s when my friends would be free to go with me. 

My first impressions are that Nolan didn’t disappoint at all.  In fact just like the 2nd movie was to the 1st, the 3rd movie completed the 3 series of movies by adding more depth into the story of Batman.  I felt that the movie was long, but I also felt it was necessary because each scene was crucial.  The length allowed us to see more of Batman and Bruce Wayne.  In the past, this was one of my pet peeves, that we only saw them both for a little while, while the villain enjoyed more screen time.  But in this movie, we really got to know Bruce Wayne, and it renewed my passion of Batman.  The action scenes were exciting, and the movie had great surprises (thanks to ignoring online gossip for the last year).

The acting was also amazing as well, and I thought adding Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a great addition to the cast.  Bane on the other hand was alright, though I would have preferred him to have caused more destruction in the city.  Hopefully this is not the last Batman film for Nolan, but if it is the Dark Knight Rises will be an incredible masterpiece to have finished the story of Batman with.

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