Friday, July 6, 2012

Toronto Blue Jays Jersey

For most sports fans, getting a new player traded to their city means they can go out and buy that players jersey.  But for me, having a player traded means I can go out and buy the jersey of their former team on clearance.  This is what I was thinking when I heard the Toronto Blue Jays were going to change their uniform.  I would be able to buy the old uniform on clearance.  I have a place I go to that sells Blue Jays merchandise, so that was the first place I looked.
I was lucky because I was able to find the jersey I was hoping to get.  The version I bought is the white one, with the word ‘jays’ written across the centre.  ‘Jays’ is a patch that is then stitched on, so it will last longer.  The jersey was made by Majestic, who has the MLB licence and who has been making really good quality jerseys for years.  The jersey was made in Korea and is 100% polyester.  Other features I love about the jersey are that it uses this shinny silver string (thread) on the patch and that I was able to get a jersey without a name or number on the back.
Toronto Blue Jays:

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