Thursday, May 21, 2015

Air Jordan Ceramic VII

The Air Jordan VII’s hold a very special place in my heart.  I would say from my childhood they were probably the most popular shoe kids owned.  I think everyone had a pair of the bordeux’s.  They are also the first sneaker I associate with Warner Brothers.  I think the reason is because when the VII’s released, it was when Wieden + Kennedy started doing Air Jordan Bugs Bunny commercials.  Those ad’s were so captivating and really developed the mystic around Michael Jordan.  I also liked how they featured Marvin the Martian as the villain.
My first retro of VII’s were the Ceramic VII’s that released in April 2006.  I bought the shoes because I really loved the colorway.  A unique feature of the VII’s has been the African tribial art inspired tongue, which really paired nicely with the Ceramic’s use of colors.  The only problem of course was that they didn’t really match with anything.  Not that I’m one of those coordinated guys, but the colour just seemed out of place when worn.  The shoes are really comfortable and fit me true to size. The over-all quality of these sneakers is top notch with nice thick leather that is durable.  I like leather in shoes because you don’t have to worry about scratches or smudges like you do when you wear nubuck or suede.  There is also very little paint used on this sneaker, which means you don’t have to worry about chipping; like you do with the III’s or VIII’s.  These shoes are excellent and one of the best retro plus sneakers released from the mid 2000’s from Jordan Brand.
Brand: Air Jordan
Name: Air Jordan VII, Air Jordan 7, Ceramic VII
Year: 2006
Product Code: 304775-281
Additional: Had LS (lifestyle) clothing that matched the shoes, released in a black and grey Air Jordan box, and featured a black and white retro card.

Air Jordan:

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