Friday, May 8, 2015

Jose Bautista Blue Jays Bobblehead 2015

Jose Bautista was the first SGA (stadium giveaway) bobblehead of the 2015 season.  20,000  were given away on Sunday, April 19th, 2015.  His bobblehead is also the 3rd giveaway bobblehead that the Toronto Blue Jays have made of Bautista.  While that might seem like a lot, I’m actually happy that their most popular player is being honoured again.  While his first bobblehead was given out back in 2011, the Team has gained a lot more fans and followers since then and it’s only nice to have the fans also receive a Bautista keepsake (especially for those who missed out on the previous releases).
Since this is the 3rd Bautista bobblehead, I thought it fitting that his pose be unique and different.  It certainly is because Jose is featured “muscle man” posing or rather “flexing”.  This is the same pose he does after he hits a home run, reaches home plate, and celebrates with a teammate (usually Encarnación).  I believe he started doing this back when Yunel Escobar was still a Blue Jay.  Jose is also featured in his road grey uniform.
Just based on the unique flexing pose, this is truly one of my favourite bobbleheads in my collection.  BDA Inc did an excellent job on this one, with lots of details and paint throughout the bobblehead.  With bobbleheads like this I will never get tired of having another SGA of Bautista.
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  1. Maybe they will make a new one with Odor's fist in it and his sunglasses and helmet flying off! That would be awesome!


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