Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Comic Book Guy Lego Minifigures

The first series run of Lego the Simpsons was pretty special to me because it was a combination of two of my favourite things; the Simpsons and Lego.  While my admiration for the Simpsons has certainly dwindled throughout the years, I still wanted to collect that Lego series because it seemed pretty cool.  So when I heard about a second series of Lego the Simpsons was releasing I thought I might be interested if they (Lego) released popular characters.
Unfortunately I was disappointed by the characters released in the second series.  They gave us again the Simpsons kin, but also characters that I find boring such as Patty and Selma (who are supposed to be annoying characters), and Hans Moleman and Martin Prince.  I was like, are you serious?  Who would want these characters?  But anyway, I don’t want to rant.  The only redeeming character that I really wanted was of Comic Book Guy, aka Jeff Albertson.  So rather than buy the whole series 2 of the Simpsons, I decided to only get minifigures of Comic Book Guy.
The first series of the Simpsons was pretty accurate towards the characters, yet I was again disappointed by the second series with the lack of accuracy.  I mean CBG is supposed to be fat, yet Lego didn’t bother with releasing a bigger minifigure body for him.  While I understand how complex creating a new body can be, I just think creating a wider body would have been nice.  I was also disappointed by the lack of paint on the back of CBG.  This second series of Lego the Simpsons felt rushed and almost like a money grab (which as a Simpsons fan, I’m used to).  For this reason, I really can’t recommend this series and in fact it’s the worst Lego Simpsons toy ever!
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