Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blue Jays Starter Jacket

So here’s my second Starter windbreaker jacket, and of course it’s from my favourite team the Toronto Blue Jays.  I always wanted one as a kid, and now that I have one I feel happy.  Just like not having a certain pair of sneakers when you were a kid, being able to finally attain what you always wanted as an adult makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished.  The thirst is finally quenched.
While I am ecstatic at finally owning a Blue Jays Starter jacket, I do realize that the jacket is more for nostalgic purposes than for utility.  Unfortunately these windbreakers aren’t very good at keeping you warm in the cold, and will also make you sweat indoors.  That’s okay though because when I wear my jacket I feel proud and I also get a couple of compliments from dudes who appreciate it.
This windbreaker is a retro of the Starter pullovers from the early 90’s, however Starter decided to use the current Jays logo being used by the team.  While having the Jays logo from the World Series days would have been nice, this current logo is still satisfying.  The quality of the jacket is amazing with minimal loose threads.  My only complaint with this jacket is the solid light blue used throughout the jacket, I would have preferred a royal blue to be the dominate colour.  Other than that this is a jacket that any Blue Jays fan can proudly wear to games.

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