Friday, May 29, 2015

Ness Amiibo

So here’s an Amiibo I never thought I would own, Ness from EarthBound.  Now I have to admit it, I never played the game when it first released.  Back in those days, (around 1994, 1995) we just didn’t have the internet to tell us about hidden gems that were great games.  That only thing that made this game stand out from the rest was its giant packaging.  That’s really the only reason I remember this game, since I was a Sega fan at the time.  Flash forward many years later and I finally played the game in ROM format, and liked it a lot.
So with now being familiar with the franchise I really wanted Amiibo Ness, but didn’t think I would get him because he would be limited.  Thankfully, on Good Friday the malls were opened and I decided to ask my local EB Games if they were taking pre-orders, and they were and so I was able to pay for one.  When released day came (May 29th, 2015) I was one of the lucky ones whose order didn’t get cancelled and I finally had Ness.  So there’s really no need for a review of him, since he kicks arse and Nintendo did a great job on him.
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